Kenya AA Teremuka Estate

$ 18.00

The Coffee

Our Teremuka Estate is located in Nakuru County in the former Rift Valley Province and is nourished by the River Ol Dunyata. The name Nakuru was derived from the Maasai word Nakurro meaning, 'a place of dust storms'.

Teremuka Estate is owned by Chania Location Mwahota Ikai Co. Ltd., a formal cooperative of over 1,000 smallholders. The farmers took ownership of the estate in 1978 and have since expanded the total farmed area to 111 ha producing over 800 MT of cherry annually.

Processing Method
The ripening of the cherry is closely monitored throughout harvest. When the time is right, ripe red cherries are hand-picked sent to the wet mill early in the morning.

Underipes, overipes, and any foreign objects are cleaned from the harvested cherries before they are dumped into the hopper above the pulping station on a patio at the wet mill in the afternoon sun.

Clean water (wet processing) is brought up from the Olabaniata River and put into the hopper on top of the piled cherries, funneling them down a polished chute into the pulping building, where the outer fruit is removed between two revolving abrasive slabs.

The floating beans are scraped off while the now exposed coffee beans tumble out of the pulper into a channel of water, and the sinking, denser beans flood out through a hole in the bottom into the fermentation tanks, where they will spend the night.

The next day, the coffee is touched to determine if the sticky sweet mucilage has broken down, leaving a rough parchment covering; after the "feel" of the coffee passes the approval of the wet mill manager, water is pumped into the tanks to fully wash the beans.

The sluice gates are removed once the coffee has been cleaned, enabling it to flow out into the washing channels, where it rolls down the gently sloping tiled channel. Wooden shunts are used to push the coffee back to the top of the channel by hand. This repeated action separates the denser beans from the lighter beans, as the lighter beans will race to the bottom under the force of the gentle current, whereas the denser, higher quality beans will idle their way down slowly.

The parchment coffee is sun dried on elevated tables under strict supervision. The coffee is tested for moisture on a regular basis, and once it reaches the desired moisture level of 10-12 percent, it is bagged and transported to the dry mill.


Country • Kenya

Roast • Light

Region • Muranga County

Farm • Teremuka Coffee Estate

Altitude • 4200 to 6300 Feet

Varietal • SL34, SL28, Ruiru 11

Process • Washed

FLAVOR NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Pineapple, Brown Sugar, Tart

Our Kenya AA is a fantastic bright espresso and a lively filter brew. As Espresso, we brew it at 19g in and 38g out in about 25 seconds. For pour-over we like the V60 at 20g coffee to 300g water at 205°F.