Ethiopia Guji Organic Mormora Natural

$ 18.00

Mormora Farm's 200 hectares are mostly comprised of coffees grown under the shade of a forest canopy. Hand-picked coffee cherries are delivered to the natural drying station after the hand-sorting to remove any unripe, overripe, or damaged fruit and to maintain the inherent quality of the coffee.

Country • Ethiopia

Roast • Medium Light

Region • Region Shakiso Woreda, Guji Zone, Oromia

Producer • Mormora Farm

Altitude • 5,000 Feet+

Varietal • Heirloom Arabica

Process • Natural

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, Peach, Honeydew, Lychee.

Our Ethiopia Mormora Natural is great for a bright espresso and lively filter brew. As Espresso, we brew it at 18g in and 36g out in about 25 seconds. For pour-over we like the V60 at 21g coffee to 300g water at 201°F.